Secrets to a Deliciously Decorated Holiday Brunch


1. Metallics are a Festive Decor Theme, Even at Brunch

"While hosting a holiday brunch is more laid back and relaxing than a dinner, it should still be festive and special. I like to create a self-service buffet for my guests, with all of the food, drinks and a whimsical holiday touch, like a metallic reindeer. (Tip: Try mixing your metallics too!) My one-stop shop is HomeGoods because their holiday selection is the best! I love getting beautiful stemware, tiered trays, plates, linens and everything I need — and it's affordable.

2. Make To-Do Lists

It's all about planning ahead to avoid losing your head when hosting a party, brunch or any other kind. "Plan ahead and make to-do lists! Set your table the night before and choose a menu that doesn't need to be cooked at the last minute. The more you can do ahead the better."

3. Bread Pudding Can Be a Breakfast Food

Who ever thought that dessert could be breakfast, well, recommended as breakfast? "My go-to brunch recipe is a breakfast bread pudding or my Nutella banana french toast casserole. Both can be made in advance and baked just before serving. When it comes to beverages, something bubbly is always a winner, like my blood orange sparklers,".

4. Decorate With Food

Just like beautifully decorated dinner tables, whole fruits can be used to decorate. You can glam them up with glitter or just leave them as is for a great accent. “It can be as simple as filling a beautiful bowl with fresh fruits, like oranges on the stem, or even vegetables."

5. Use Tiered Trays

You may think tiered trays are reserved for petit fours or baked goods, but you can use them interlaced with yoru decor for eye-catching depth. “Tiered trays add dimension to the table and are an easy, glamorous way to update your look and save space — they're perfect for displaying small bites, but I also love using them as a platform for other décor like candles and small centerpieces."