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What Would Katie Eat ? Jackfruit BBQ and Kale Coleslaw

For this episode of "What's Katie Eating?" I am recreating Kevin's jackfruit BBQ. I had some help from the Food Network culinary team in crafting this recipe, as it is something totally new for me to cook. Team work! Hope you enjoy the show and please let me know your thoughts. Highly recommend you follow Kevin as well for some good laughs and new recipes @kbiegel.

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Lemon Pasta

A few years ago on Ryan's birthday, he asked me to make a lemon pasta.  We were in Florida visiting his parents and he had picked up fresh seafood to grill.  He thought a lemon pasta would be nice to go on the side.  I had never made it before so I just kind of whipped it up and held my breath that it would be good.  Butter, cream, cheese and lemon zest, hard to go wrong with that combo!

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Roasted Beet and Beet Green Salad with Warm Pistachio Salsa Verde

Whether with friends or my loved one, I like to have at least one dish on the menu that is heart-healthy.  This year, I'm making my Roasted Beet and Beet Green Salad with Warm Pistachio Salsa Verde. Besides all of the health benefits, the most positive effect of this salad is that it tastes so darn good! Enjoy in good health and Happy Valentine's Day!

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